Estimación de la fuerza de contacto hueso con hueso en articulación tibiofemoral

"Estimación del la fuerza de contacto hueso con hueso en la articulación tibiofemoral durante la marcha."

Ashvin Thambyaha, , , Barry P. Pereiraa and Urs Wyssb

aMusculoskeletal Research Laboratories, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Lower Kent Ridge Road, National University of Singapore, Singapore 119074, Singapore bMechanical Engineering, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada


In this study, the tibiofemoral contact forces were estimated from standard gait analysis data of adult walking. Knee angles, ground reaction forces, and external flexion–extension knee moments together with lines of action and moment arms of the force bearing structures in the knee previously determined were used to obtain bone-on-bone contact forces. The heel strike, the onset of single limb stance and terminal extension before toe-off each corresponded to a significant turning point on the force versus gait cycle curve. The tibiofemoral bone-on-bone peak forces calculated reached an estimated three times bodyweight. The estimated joint loads are clinically relevant and can either be used directly for evaluation of subjects in a gait analysis, or indirectly in studies of the knee joint where models simulating loading conditions are used to investigate various pathologies.

The Knee Volume 12, Issue 5 , October 2005, Pages 383-388.

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