Cadera y pelvis

Espacio endoprotésico en tratamiento de artroplastia de cadera infectada. (Ing.)

"Espacio endroportésico en el tratamiento de la artroplatia total de cadera infectado."

Durbhakula SM, Czajka J, Fuchs MD, Uhl RL.

Division of Orthopaedic Surgery, Albany Medical Center, New York, USA.

We reviewed the treatment of infected total hip arthroplasty with a temporary spacer endoprosthesis. To fabricate the spacer, antibiotic-loaded cement was inserted into a specially designed mold. A central rod pin was superficially imbedded as an endoskeleton once the cement reached a doughy state. After polymerization, the final product was removed from the mold and inserted as an articulating spacer. Twenty patients were followed for an average of 38 months (range, 26-67 months). There were no recurrent or persistent infections. Eighteen patients underwent a successful 2-stage exchange. Two patients retained the spacer as a definitive treatment method. Complications with the spacer included 2 fractures and 2 dislocations. Overall, this cost-effective technique provided efficient local antibiotic delivery, early mobilization, facilitation of reimplantation, and improved patient satisfaction.

J Arthroplasty. 2004 Sep;19(6):760-7.

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