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Eliminación de las placas de antebrazo en niños. (Inglés)

W.Y. Kim, , M. Zenios, A. Kumar and U. Abdulkadir

Department of Orthopaedics, Tameside General Hospital, Fountain Street, Ashton-upon-Lyne OL6 9RW, UK


Routine removal of forearm plates in children remains controversial. The aim of the study was to assess if risks of complications associated with removal of forearm plates in children warrant routine removal of these plates. A total of 43 children (mean age 10.6 years old at time of fracture fixation) who had forearm plates removed after fracture fixation in our unit over a 10-year period were reviewed. There were three cases of re-fractures (two in the same child), all of which occurred following an episode of trauma and the use of Dynamic Compression Plates (DCP). One case of superficial infection was successfully treated with oral antibiotics. Low rates of complications from routine removal of metalwork after forearm plating in children may be achieved.

Injury Volume 36, Issue 12 , December 2005, Pages 1427-1430.

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