Columna vertebral

Ejercicios físicos en gimnasio frente a los de piscina en dolor de espalda. (In.

<b<<i<efectos de los ejercicios realizados en gimanasio y los realizados en piscina en la salud física de paciente con dolor bajo crónico de espalda.

Yozbatiran N.; Yildirim Y.; Parlak B.


Objectives: To evaluate the effects of two different fitness programmes (water versus land based) on physical fitness level in patients with chronic low back pain.

Design: Randomised controlled study.

Subjects: Thirty patients with chronic low back pain randomly followed a land based fitness programme or an aquafitness programme.

Methods: Subjects were evaluated with the Eurofit test battery for their physical fitness level. Both groups followed their programmes under supervision of a physiotherapist 3 days/week for 4 weeks.

Results: Differences of measurements were not significant between the two groups. Significant differences were shown in both groups after the therapy programme with regard to aerobic fitness, motor fitness (single leg balance test with eyes open or closed), musculoskeletal fitness, pain reports, Sorensen and Oswestry low back pain disability index scores. No significant difference was found between the groups.

Conclusion: Supervised aquafitness programmes have effects similar to those based on land fitness programmes on physical fitness level of chronic low back pain patients.

The Pain Clinic. Volume 16, Issue 1, 1 June 2004

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