Efectos de la aplicación de Dermasport® plus solución y Cryo® en fisioterapia.

M. Le Faoua, , , T. Begheb, E. Bourguignonb, S. Dei Tosb, T. Duprec, M. Sauniera and J. Scaravellib

aMédecin du Sport Commission Médicale District 91 de Football, France bKinésithérapeute Commission Médicale District 91 de Football, France cKinésithérapeute Clinique de l’Yvette, Longjumeau, France

Summary In France, simultaneous application of Dermasport® plus Solution Cryo® on damaged or inflamed joints has been recommended for many years to assist with rehabilitation treatments. This protocol required validation.

Objectives To evaluate the benefits provided by simultaneous application of Dermasport® plus Solution Cryo® with no other therapeutic intervention, on knee and ankle joints (injured or post-surgery) requiring rehabilitation. Evaluation was to be made with regards to pain, degree of joint mobility and measurement of joint circumference, measured between 0 min (T0) and 30 min (T30) of product application.

Methods The study was conducted by six independent physiotherapists specialising in sports injuries. The patients, of both sexes, presented with knee pain or ankle pathology of traumatic or post-operative origin, recent or old with inflammation. All patients were treated by simultaneous application of the two products at T0, according to a method of application recommended by the manufacturers (Phytodermie).

Results Thirty patients were included in the study; 21 men and 9 women with an average age of 32.9 ± 13.9 years, the majority of whom were sports persons (80%) and presenting with a Body Mass Index (BMI) equal to 22.8 ± 2.5. Of the patients, 18 (60%) were being treated for knee pathology and the 12 others (40%) for ankle pathology. The comparative assessment between T0 and T30 demonstrated a net reduction in pain (at rest and with active and passive movement) and joint circumference at T30 for both joints. Furthermore, there was an increase in degree of articular mobility in flexion and extension of the knee and in dorsal and plantar flexion of the ankle. Finally, the global impressions of both patients and therapists were homogenous (more than 80% for both joints) and in favour of the efficacy of the simultaneous application of these two products. Localised skin reactions consisted of redness disappearing after application. In two cases they were associated with a temporary sensation of cold.

Conclusion This study confirmed the positive effects of simultaneous application of Dermasport® plus Solution Cryo® on injured joints. After 30 min of application, we observed an analgesic effect, improved joint mobility and a reduction in oedema.

International Journal of Aromatherapy Volume 15, Issue 3 , 2005, Pages 123-128.

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