Efecto del tratamiento tópico de alendronato en la fijación de injertos …(I)

"Efecto del tratamiento tópico de alendronato en la fijación de injertos insertados con la compactación ósea."

Jakobsen, Thomas BMedSc *; Kold, Soren MD, PhD *; Bechtold, Joan E PhD +; Elmengaard, Brian MD, PhD *; Soballe, Kjeld MD, DMSc *


Bone compaction has been shown to enhance the critical initial implant stability that is important for secure long-term fixation. We investigated whether topical bisphosphonate treatment improves fixation of implants inserted with bone compaction. Porous-coated titanium implants were inserted with bone compaction into the knees of eight dogs. In the right knee, topical bisphosphonate treatment was applied before bone compaction. Saline was used as a control in the left knee. The knees were observed for 4 weeks. We found an increase in total bone-to-implant contact and total bone density around the implants in the bisphosphonate-treated group. These were results of increased nonvital bone-to-implant contact and increased nonvital periimplant bone density. No change in biomechanical fixation was found. Studies with a longer followup are needed to investigate whether the preservative effect of alendronate on nonvital bone might enhance implant fixation by osteoconduction.

Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Research. 444:229-234, March 2006.

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