Efecto del tratamiento tópico con alendronato en la fijación de injertos…(I)

"Efecto del tratamiento tópico con alendronato en la fijación de injertos implantados con la compactación ósea."

Jakobsen, Thomas BMedSc *; Kold, Soren MD, PhD *; Bechtold, Joan E PhD +; Elmengaard, Brian MD, PhD *; Soballe, Kjeld MD, DMSc *


Bone compaction has been shown to enhance the critical initial implant stability that is important for secure long-term fixation. We investigated whether topical bisphosphonate treatment improves fixation of implants inserted with bone compaction. Porous-coated titanium implants were inserted with bone compaction into the knees of eight dogs. In the right knee, topical bisphosphonate treatment was applied before bone compaction. Saline was used as a control in the left knee. The knees were observed for 4 weeks. We found an increase in total bone-to-implant contact and total bone density around the implants in the bisphosphonate-treated group. These were results of increased nonvital bone-to-implant contact and increased nonvital periimplant bone density. No change in biomechanical fixation was found. Studies with a longer followup are needed to investigate whether the preservative effect of alendronate on nonvital bone might enhance implant fixation by osteoconduction.

Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Research. 444:229-234, March 2006.

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