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Condrosarcoma de falange proximal del segundo dedo: Informe de un caso. (In.)

Tomoko Masuda, MD1 1 [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Takanobu Otuka, MD, PhD1 * 2 [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Masato Yonezawa, MD, PhD1 3 [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Fumiaki Kamiyama, MD, PhD1 4 [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Yosihiro Shibata, MD, PhD1 5 [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Toyohiro Tada, MD, PhD1 6 [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Nobuo Matsui, MD, PhD1 7 [MEDLINE LOOKUP]


Although chondrosarcoma is a relatively common malignant bone lesion, these lesions rarely affect the foot. This article presents the case of a 32-year-old woman with a chondrosarcoma in the distal phalanx of the right second toe. Radiography and computed tomography showed cortical disruption and soft-tissue expansion. Histologically, the tumor was classified as grade 2 chondrosarcoma according to the American Joint Committee of Cancer pathologic staging system. Amputation at the distal half of the second proximal phalanx was performed to obtain clear surgical margins. A literature review and discussion of salient diagnostic and treatment issues is included.

The Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery. March 20004. Volume 43. Number 2.

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