Complicaciones del tratamiento quirúrgico en tumores primarios de pelvis. (Ingl)

"Complicaciones que siguen al tratamiento quirúrgico de tumores malignos primarios de hueso en la pelvis."

F. Zeifang, , M. Buchner, A. Zahlten-Hinguranage, L. Bernd and D. Sabo Orthopaedic University Hospital of Heidelberg, Schlierbacher Landstr. 200a, 69118, Heidelberg, Germany Accepted 25 May 2004. Available online 4 August 2004.


Aim. To report the complication rates of limb-salvage reconstruction in the pelvis. Detailed analyses about the type, treatment and outcome of post-operative complications, various reconstruction options are presented.

Methods. Factors that might influence the occurrence of complications were evaluated of 50 consecutive surgically treated patients.

Results. The mean follow-up was 57 months. Limb-salvage procedures were used in 42/50 patients, amputations in 8/50 patients. After limb-salvage procedures complications occurred in 32/42 patients, after hemipelvectomy in 6/8 patients. The 1 and 5-year overall survival rate was 92 and 68%, respectively.

Conclusion. There is a high complication rate in reconstructive techniques using hemipelvic autografts and/or allografts. These procedures are appropriate only in well selected patients. The complication rates following endoprosthetic reconstruction are comparably low.

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