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Classic Bladder Exstrophy: Orthopaedic Surgical Considerations

Neil C. Vining , Kit M. Song , Richard W. Grady J Am Acad Orthop Surg September 2011 ; 19:

Abstract Classic bladder exstrophy is an embryologic malformation that results in complex deficiency of the anterior midline, with urogenital and skeletal manifestations. Urogenital reconstruction is a challenging procedure that can be facilitated by closure of the bony pelvic ring by an orthopaedic team. Surgical options include a multiyear staged approach and the single-stage complete repair for exstrophy. The goals of urologic surgery include closure of the bladder and abdominal wall with eventual bladder continence, preservation of renal function, and cosmetic and functional reconstruction of the genitalia. Pelvic osteotomy is done at the time of bladder closure in the patient in whom the anterior pelvis cannot be approximated without tension. Traction or spica casting is used postoperatively. Good outcomes are probable with appropriate management at specialized treatment centers.

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