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Cirugía espinal optativa en personas VIH-seropositivas asintomáticas: Complicaci

"Cirugía espinal optativa en personas VIH-seropositivas asintomáticas: Complicaciones preoperatoiras y resultados."

Young, William F. MD *; Axelrod, Peter MD +; Jallo, Jack MD *


Study Design. This is a retrospective study consisting of medical records review and evaluation of pertinent radiographs.

Objectives. In this study, complications and outcomes are reviewed in a series of HIV-positive patients undergoing spinal surgery. Surgery was performed for conditions that were unrelated to HIV infection.

Methods. From the period 1996 to 2000, we identified 10 seropositive patients who underwent spinal procedures for conditions that did not arise as a complication of HIV infection. A retrospective review was done, which included inpatient and out patient records.

Results. A total of 6 women and 5 men who were HIV-positive underwent spinal surgery during the time period reviewed. Surgery was performed for a variety of conditions, including lumbar disc herniaition, degenerative disc disease, cervical disc herniation, spinal fractures, and Arnold-Chiari malformation. The mean CD4 count was 279 cells/mm3 before surgery. All patients had at least 6 months of conservative management before surgery, except in the case of those who had spinal fractures. Two patients sustained postoperative complications: 1 patient developed a superficial wound infection, which was successfully treated with antibiotics, and 1 patient experienced prolonged fever (7 days) after surgery, which resolved without a clear diagnosis. All patients were improved after surgery (mean follow-up, 29.3 months)

Conclusions. Many physicians have held a nihilistic approach, when it comes to the treatment of HIV-positive persons. However, our results in this small series of patients suggest that spinal surgery may be appropriate and can be performed with acceptable outcomes in selected patients.

Spine. 30(2):256-259, January 15, 2005.

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