Artroplastia de rodilla mínimamente invasiva. (Inglés)

Vail, Thomas Parker MD


Interest in minimal-incision surgery among physicians and patients has led to the investigation of whether minimal-incision concepts have a role in knee arthroplasty. Successful outcomes in knee arthroplasty have been traditionally measured by long-term implant performance and low revision rates, with less emphasis on the size of the incision or the length of time to complete recovery. There are two evolving lines of development in minimal-incision knee arthroplasty: the small-incision approach and the new technology approach. The small incision approach seeks to minimize the length of the incision required to implant standard total knee components by altering the approach and instrumentation. The new technology approach seeks to develop lower profile implants and computer-assisted techniques to fundamentally change the way knee arthroplasty is done. The burden of proof as to whether these new approaches will stand the test of time remains with the investigators.

Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Research. 1(428):51-52, November 2004.

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