Artrodesis de rodilla empleando un clavo intramedular. (Inglés)

John R. Crockarell, Jr. MD and Marc J. Mihalko MD University of Tennessee, Campbell Clinic, Memphis, Tennessee Received 26 January 2004; accepted 13 October 2004. Available online 1 September 2005. Abstract Fifteen knee arthrodeses using an intramedullary nail were performed in 15 patients. Indications included 11 failed total knee arthroplasties (10 of 11 septic). A retrospective review revealed 100% fusion rate. Complications included 4 cases of painful hardware, 1 trochanteric bursitis, and 1 deep infection. Ten patients were available for assessment at 7 years follow-up. Average leg length discrepancy was 3.7 cm. Anatomic axis averaged 1.3° valgus. Flexion angle averaged 3.5°. Compared with age-matched controls, our patients fared significantly worse in physical functioning, physical role, bodily pain, vitality, and social functioning. Arthrodesis of the knee with an intramedullary nail provides a reliable means of fusion with reasonable alignment. These patients have high rates of pain and diminished functional status.

The Journal of Arthroplasty Volume 20, Issue 6 , September 2005, Pages 703-708.

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