Cadera y pelvis

A Review of Squeaking Hips

J Am Acad Orthop Surg, Vol 18, No 6, June 2010

William L. Walter, MBBS, FRACS, PhD, Eric Yeung, FRCS (Tr+Orth) and Christina Esposito, BSc The incidence of squeaking in hip replacement varies for ceramic-on-ceramic and metal-on-metal bearings, and the implications are not fully understood. Contributing factors may include component malposition, edge loading, impingement, third-body particles, and loss of lubrication. However, squeaking is multifactorial, requiring a certain combination of interaction among patient, surgical, and implant factors. When squeaking is infrequent and function is not impaired, patients should avoid activities that precipitate the squeaking. Surgery is recommended for persistent or troublesome squeaking, severe malpositioning of components, failure of the implants (including fracture), impingement and subluxation, and pain. If necessary, the bearing can be changed during surgery to another ceramic-on-ceramic or to a ceramic-on-polyethylene bearing.

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