Técnica para el injerto óseo por impactación de los defectos de hueso largo…

«Técnica para el injerto óseo por impactación de los defectos de hueso largo en la revisión de artroplastia total de rodilla.!

Paul A. Lotke MD, a, Gregory F. Carolan MDa and Neil Puri BSa

aHospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Impaction bone grafting is an important tool in managing the irregularly sized and shaped bone defects observed in revision total knees. The technique is described in detail and includes tightly packing cancellous bone chips about an intramedullary stem and into the periprosthetic bone defects, then fully cementing a component in place. If needed, wire mesh can be used to contain bone defects. Results to date in 42 patients with 2 to 7 years of follow up are reported. They show the average flexion was 111°; the final Knee Society score was 89 points, and there were no mechanical failures. There were 2 infections and 2 late periprosthetic fractures. The results have been encouraging, and this technique remains our procedure of choice for managing large bone defects in revision knee surgery.

The Journal of Arthroplasty. Volume 21, Issue 4, Supplement 1 , June 2006, Pages 57-60.

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