Sistemas retractores para fijación anterior de tornillo en odontoides. (Inglés)

Análisis y modificaciones restrospectivos de sistemas retractores para la fijación anterior de tornillo de odontoide.

Stan G. Shalayev, M.D.; In Ki Mun, Ph.D.; Gregory S. Mallek; Sylvain Palmer, M.D.; Allan D. Levi, M.D., Ph.D.; Todd M. Lasner, M.D.; Allen B. Kantrowitz, M.D.


The authors present an in-depth retrospective analysis of retractor systems for anterior odontoid screw fixation. They discuss various modifications and innovations of such systems and describe their own tubular retractor system, in which a beveled end conformal to the ventral surface of the vertebral column at the C2–3 level is introduced together with an incorporated light source. This new retractor system allows optimal anatomical exposure for controlled odontoid screw placement with improved protection of surrounding vital structures.

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