Se deben inmovilizar en rotación externa las luxaciones agudas de hombro.(In.)

«¿Se deben inmovilizar en rotación externa las luxaciones agudas anteriores de hombro? Estudio en cadaver.

Bruce S. Miller, MD a [MEDLINE LOOKUP] David H. Sonnabend, MD a [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Cameron Hatrick, MD a [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Sean O’Leary, MD a [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Jerome Goldberg, MD a [MEDLINE LOOKUP] Wade Harper, MD a [MEDLINE LOOKUP] William R. Walsh, PhD a * [MEDLINE LOOKUP]


The high recurrence rate associated with anterior shoulder dislocations may reflect inadequate healing of a Bankart lesion when the arm is immobilized in internal rotation. The effect of external rotation (ER) of the humerus on the glenoid-labrum contact of Bankart lesions was examined in 10 human cadaveric shoulders. The contact force between the glenoid labrum and the glenoid was measured in 60° of internal rotation, neutral rotation, and 45° of ER in 10 human cadaveric shoulders. No detectable contact force was found with the arm in internal rotation. The contact force increased as the arm passed through neutral rotation and reached a maximum at 45° of ER. The contact force returned to 0 g when the arm was returned to neutral rotation. The mean contact force at 45° of ER was 83.5 g. External rotation significantly increases the labrum-glenoid contact force and may influence the healing of a Bankart lesion.

Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. November/December 2004 • Volume 13 • Number 6.

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