Preoperative Embolization in the Treatment of Spinal Metastasis


Eeric Truumees, MD, Shah-Nawaz Dodwad, MD and Chris D. Kazmierczak, MD J Am Acad Orthop Surg, Vol 18, No 8, August 2010 Because of advances in the treatment of cancer, the average rate of patient survival is increasing. As patients with cancer live longer, the incidence of spinal metastasis also likely will increase. To help control pain and maintain function, some of these metastases will require surgical intervention. Because >60% of spinal metastases are hypervascular, preoperative embolization may be considered in order to decrease hemorrhage risk and improve outcomes. Embolization for spinal metastasis can be performed through the angiogram catheter. When such embolization is performed carefully, the complication rate is low.

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