Diagnosis y epidemiología de la osteoporosis. (Inglés)

Dennison, Elaine; Cole, Zoe; Cooper, Cyrus


Purpose of review: Osteoporosis remains a major public health problem through its association with fragility fractures. Recent data suggest that the annual cost in Europe is 13 billion euros, mainly accounted for by hospitalisation after fracture. Understanding the epidemiology of osteoporosis is an essential step in developing strategies to reduce the burden of osteoporotic fracture in the population.

Recent findings: This article will review recent advances surrounding the epidemiology of osteoporosis, the burden of fracture in children and adults in this country and abroad, morbidity associated with such fractures, associations of disease and medication with fragility fracture, and advances in diagnostic techniques and identification of at-risk groups.

Summary: The papers studied highlight the wealth of high-quality research in this field, and they help in the visualisation of strategies to identify individuals at high risk of fragility fracture and to quantify fracture risk by measurement of bone density, bone quality, and risk factor algorithms.

Current Opinion in Rheumatology. 17(4):456-461, July 2005.

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