Comprehensive Approach to the Evaluation of Groin Pain

Juan C. Suarez J Am Acad Orthop SurgSeptember 2013vol. 21 no. 9 Abstract

Groin pain is often related to hip pathology. As a result, groin pain is a clinical complaint encountered by orthopaedic surgeons. Approximately one in four persons will develop symptomatic hip arthritis before age 85 years. Groin injuries account for approximately 1 in 20 athletic injuries, and groin pain accounts for 1 in 10 patient visits to sports medicine centers. Many athletes with chronic groin pain have multiple coexisting pathologies spanning several disciplines. In treating these patients, the orthopaedic surgeon must consider both musculoskeletal groin disorders and nonorthopaedic conditions that can present as groin pain. A comprehensive history and physical examination can guide the evaluation of groin pain.

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