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Orthopaedic Conditions in the Newborn

Última actualización 26/03/09Wudbhav N. Sankar, Jennifer Weiss, and David L. Skaggs J Am Acad Orthop Surg 2009 17: 112-122. The occasional consultation on a neonate can be unfamiliar territory for many orthopaedic surgeons. Just as children are not little adults, newborns are not just little children; rather, they have a …

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A Comparison of Two Nonoperative Methods of Idiopathic Clubfoot Correction: The Ponseti Method and the French Functional (Physiotherapy) Method

Última actualización 9/12/08The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 2008, Volume 90, Issue 11 B. Stephens Richards, MD1, Shawne Faulks, RN, CNS1, Karl E. Rathjen, MD1, Lori A. Karol, MD1, Charles E. Johnston, MD1 and Sarah A. Jones, PT, MSPT2 Background: In the treatment of idiopathic clubfeet, the Ponseti method …

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Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip

Última actualización 27/11/08Journal of Pediatric Health Care Volume 22, Number 5, 2008 Polina Gelfer, MD, FAAP; Kathleen A. Kennedy, MD, MPH Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) is a spectrum of anatomical abnormalities of the hip joint in which the femoral head has an abnormal relationship to the acetabulum. The …

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Large Osteochondral Fractures of the Lateral Femoral Condyle in the Adolescent: Outcome of Bioabsorbable Pin Fixation

Última actualización 17/07/08NULL The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (American). 2008;90:1473-1478. Stewart J. Walsh, MD1, Matthew J. Boyle, MD1 and Vicki Morganti, MD2 Background: Large osteochondral fractures of the lateral femoral condyle of the knee in adolescent patients can be diagnostically and therapeutically challenging. Historically, management has involved removal …

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Osteogenesis Imperfecta: Diagnosis and Treatment

Última actualización 20/06/08NULL J Am Acad Orthop Surg, Vol 16, No 6, June 2008 Gheorghe Burnei, MD, PhD, Costel Vlad, MD, Ileana Georgescu, MD, Traian Stefan Gavriliu, MD and Daniela Dan, MD Osteogenesis imperfecta is a heritable disorder characterized by extremely fragile bones, blue sclerae, dentinogenesis imperfecta, hearing loss, and …

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Fijación del clavo intramedular para fracturas inestables de antebrazo en niños.

Última actualización 11/12/06Murat Altay, a, , Cem Nuri Aktekina, Bülent Ozkurta, Barış Birincia, Akif Muhtar Ozturka and A. Yalçın Tabaka aNumune Education and Research Hospital, Department of 5th Orthopaedics Clinic, Ankara, Turkey Summary Displaced fractures of the diaphyseal forearm in children are often treated conservatively, but there is relatively high …

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